Thursday, 29 December 2011

11011.. :D

I don't know why these scars are so stubborn to fade away?
Maybe it is just a gentle reminder that now are better days..??
(yeah right =.=)

Oh God!!
(I should've known the tides were getting higher) 
I thought our relationship can be save..
And sadly...
I cannot saved it and i so fucked up...

Weird right..??
Since we together..
we do not close like usually we use to be..
when i try to talk with you..
you look shy..

after we become to normal...
you say you want to be close like before..
but when i talk to you...
you still the same...
where is the old you..??
i really miss the old you girl...

until now i try everything to make we close like before...
i try texting you..
(although sometimes you did not reply)
chatting with you through 'FB'
calling you..??
i know you will never answer my call 
( i think so )

although sometimes the response i get from you is not good..
i don't care about that..
i never give up..
i never stop trying girl..
i want both of us to be close like before..

you want to know something...
The day we were together..
i heard a lot stories from my friends talking bad things about you..
( i just close my eyes and deaf my ear)
some of them knows that we're together..
they came to me and asked me to do a lot of things to you..
you know what they want me to do..??
they asked me to break your heart..
scold you...
beat you..
and all the bad things you don't even want to know..
they also volunteer themselves to do it for me...
if i don't want to do ...

what my answer towards them..??
i only said...

''hey fuckers...''

''ampa dok ckp bnda buruk psl dy, ampa igt ampa tuu perfect sgt ka..??''

''senang2 nk ckp bnda bruk kat org''

''aku xteragak-agak nak pkul ampa''

''xkesah la ampa bdk sebilik ngn aku kaa, satu blok ngn aku ka..''

''ada aku kesah ngn semua tuu''

#it almost like this#

are all the things that i do to her are worth it..??

i will never know..


hey girl...
although now we are not together..
and we became friend back
and still not close like before 
( i still trying and i will never stop)
i want you to know that
you always in my heart..
you're my


(even though i am not good enough like the others)
(and you don't miss me haha ;) )

i never regret anything for what happened
i don't care about that
you will always
in my heart 



Wednesday, 14 December 2011

PK AGENT 2010 - 2011

Let me introduce to you all...

4 - 5 PK

( 2010 - 2011)


At the front row ( start from left side ) :

( The Ladies )
 ( except for Cikgu Asrul ==" )

Nissa, Muny, Faten, Akma, Nurul, Theng, Ayien, Cikin

At the center row ( start from left side ) :

( The Gentleman's )

Iskandar, Pijon, Shahmin, Nabil, Naim, Amin, Akmal

At the back row ( start from left side ) :

( The Gentleman's )

Loh, Faris, Sabirin, Alif, Has



Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Memories of Past times... :'(

I'm back..
Year of HELL 
about to end...!!!
SPM..!!SPM..!! :)

I been writing this during SPM
I know one day this thing will happen..
I hope i can still be with her..
But that thing will never happen..
Life must go on .. :)
Thanks for everything dear although its short...
You make me a happy person

I hope you all liked it...

Thorns coiled around the sun
Regret melts with the mixture of a sigh
I spit and laugh at the dreams I've seen enough of
The hearts of men eaten by loneliness grows cruelly

It melts into the layers of white
The shattered truth means the opposite
Love to the smile

The gloomy morning has already died
It's going far away, unable to reach
I want to fall asleep in the innocent gentleness with the tears

The drowning tears in the pool made by a razor, taste vaguely sweet

The gloomy tomorrow has already died
I hated myself for not being able to forgive the tears, the lies and the love
But I can't go back

It's going far away, unable to reach
I want to fall asleep in the innocent gentleness with the tears
It just echoes beyond the red sky in the background
The cries can not be... heard anymore


Friday, 4 November 2011

Dear.. ILY ~

I had try everything...
Everything to make her happy...
But what did i get..??
She does not even respond...
I am so sad....
Sad...!!!! You know that...!!!!

Arggghhh F**K!!!
I am so frustrated....


feel like want to scream..........!!!!


Oh The Almighty...
Please help me...
Tell me what i need to do...
To make her happy...

I really hope that i can make her happy....
The most happy person!!
I really hope...

(My dear friend, you must try your best)
I will try my best...
The best of the best...!!!!


Maybe she is happy
and she does not want to show that she happy...!!
Stay optimistic dude...!!! (@_@)
Keep that in mind...(yaya)

Maybe she is happy.. :) 

One last thing...
I will become the best BF of  BF that she ever had!



LOVE  <3

HER SO MUCH...!!!!



Saturday, 29 October 2011

SPM my nightmare... =="




I create this thing what people call blog..